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Seattle Estate Planning Lawyers Mary Anne Vance, P.S.
Getting Started - Seattle Estate Planning Lawyers Mary Anne Vance, P.S.

Step 1: Make an Appointment

Call (206) 624-6271 to make an appointment to meet with Mary Anne. After your appointment is set, she will telephone you to briefly discuss the issues that are important to you, including providing you an estimate of the attorney fees. There is no charge for this initial telephone conversation.

Step 2: Complete an Estate Planning Questionnaire

Before coming in for your appointment, complete one of the Estate Planning Questionnaires (EPQ) found on the Questionnaires page. You can fill out the EPQ directly on your computer or print it and complete it by hand. If you want us to mail you a paper copy, just ask. Bring the completed EPQ to your appointment.

Step 3: Meet with Mary Anne

At your appointment, Mary Anne will review your completed EPQ with you and answer your questions, such as "What type of person would make the best Executor?" or "Will the government take taxes from my estate at my death?" We validate parking in our building.

Step 4: Establish the Attorney-Client Relationship

Once we have decided to work together, you will be asked to sign an Employment and Fee Agreement (Agreement) and pay an advance fee deposit (AFD) of approximately half of the estimated cost for your work. You may pay your AFD at the first meeting. When we receive your Agreement and AFD, we will draft your documents. We accept cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.

Step 5: Writing the Documents

You will usually receive drafts of your documents within a couple of weeks of our receiving all required information from you. postal mail.

Step 6: Reading Your Draft Documents

We will email or postal mail you a letter along with your draft documents which will explain the documents, and might suggest various options you might want to consider. Please set aside at least 30 minutes to review our letter and your draft documents within the first week of receiving them. E-mail or call us with any questions or changes. We will send revised drafts to you with your changes.

Step 7: Your Will Signing

When you are ready to sign your documents, contact us to schedule an appointment to return to our office for signing. The office staff will witness and notarize your documents. After signing, you will take your original signed documents with you. We do not store original client signed documents. You must store the documents in a fireproof place such as a safe in your home or a bank safe deposit box. We will mail you a soft portfolio with copies of your signed documents, including additional copies of your Powers of Attorney for you to give to the person(s) you named as your attorney(s)-in-fact.

Step 8: Thank Yourself

We hope this process gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have thoughtfully provided for your family and friends in the years to come.

Getting Started - Seattle Estate Planning Lawyers Mary Anne Vance, P.S.

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