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Seattle Estate Planning Lawyers Mary Anne Vance, P.S.
Questionnaires - Seattle Estate Planning Attorneys Mary Anne Vance, P.S.
Before your appointment, please fill out an Estate Planning Questionnaire. You may e-mail the completed form, or bring it your appointment.

Please choose the appropriate questionnaire from the list below.

BEWARE. If you simply click on the link, you will not be able to save your typed information.

     1. RIGHT CLICK (CTL-click on Mac) on the name of the EPQ you choose.

     2. Choose an option for saving:
         If using Internet Explorer, select "Save Target As"
         If using Firefox, select "Save Link As"
         If using Safari, select "Download Linked File As"
         If using Google Chrome, select "Save link as..."

    3. Once you save the EPQ, you can (1) print the Questionnaire and write in your information hand, or (2) complete the form on your computer.

    4. You can either (1) e-mail the completed EPQ before your appointment, or (2) bring the completed EPQ to your meeting.

    Available Questionnaires

     Couple - Estate Planning Questionnaire (PDF, 3.4MB)

     Single Person - Estate Planning Questionnaire (PDF, 2MB)

Seattle Estate Planning Attorneys Mary Anne Vance, P.S.

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